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What Can I Spend My Apprenticeship Levy On?

Posted on 20th August 2019
What you CAN and CAN’T spend your Levy funds on What you can spend your Apprenticeship Levy on!
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Maximising Your Levy!

Posted on 19th August 2019
What is the Levy? The Levy was introduced to employers in England in April 2017 to help fund Apprenticeships and to give employers more say in the level and type of provision available.
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The  Worst Things You Can Say And Do In A Job Interview!

Posted on 22nd November 2019
The 12 Worst Things You Can Say And Do In A Job Interview A job interview is fraught with angst. Let’s face it. Most of us dread job interviews and depending on how badly we want or need the job...
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5 Step Guide to the Apprenticeship Levy Funding System

Posted on 16th August 2019
How to allocate your Levy to your Apprentices The Apprenticeship Service (TAS) is operated by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and will be subject to ongoing change & development.
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Apprenticeships are for everyone!

Posted on 25th July 2019
When speaking to employers about enrolling their staff members onto Apprenticeships, it is automatically assumed that they’re for a young person starting out in their career who has just left...
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